Dreams Preferred

Legendary Outlaw

Pros and cons to this bulk life

-Lifting heavier, faster
-Eating…a lot

-Limited cardio (I’m one of those maniacs who enjoys a good run in the park)
-Somehow still always hungry
-My lower body muscles are far more advanced than my upper (weird side effect from being really really fat growing up?) and my relatives love grabbing my ass (you can’t make this shit up)

It’s been a fun change of pace but February can’t come soon enough! I enjoy an intense run/occasional yoga session a good deal more than just lifting. The progress has been worthwhile, though. There’s no feeling like watching yourself get stronger.

The Equalizer was the more satisfying movie but Gone Girl will be the one to raise far more conversation. Hoping The Judge is a good cap to this movie day.

Too impatient during bulking. I always want to run, especially now knowing I shouldn’t. At least eating is fun.

I seem to alternate between moments of hyper-focus and days filled with a lethargic enthusiasm to do absolutely nothing. It’s a self destructive practice, really - a flare fired into the night sky and posing as a star. 

This week feels like a waste. Just getting by existing and feeling so drained is truly troubling. I’ve got work to do.

I wonder which me I’ll get to be tomorrow.